Lars Greve


Happy to be a part of “Aar&Dag” latest record, which yesterday was awarded as “Experimental Album of The Year” at Danish Music Awards.



This website is acting up a bit…I’m working on it. Meanwhile, visit where most of my projects are.



Will be a part of August Rosenbaums coming release; “song people together”.  The music will feature Robin Hannibal, Jada, Coco O, Felukah, Ian Isiah a.o.


Tak for dit brev

Will be featuring Simon Toldams “Tak for dit brev” with Liv Duvå Nimand this friday. We are performing in Aarhus Lyd+Litteraturfestival – and you’re most welcome.


Cafe OTO

Playing at Cafe OTO in London, featuring “Copenhagen Clarinet Choir” and “Aar&Dag”.



Take a look at “En verden, der melder sig” [A World, Reveals].

It is a listening walk in a giant room, where I play a clarinet improvisation that is amplified by a gigantic air conditioning system. The wind blows – metal rattles – notes flow…I don’t know what it is, while I listen to a world, revealing.



A vinyl that documents my latest exhibition is out. 250 signed records, only released physically.

The music on the record is a listening walk in a giant room, where I play a clarinet improvisation that is amplified by a gigantic air conditioning system. The wind blows – metal rattles – notes flow…I don’t know what it is, while I listen to a world revealing.

The record can be purchased at Palm Spree Records, Copenhagen Contemporary, Herning Museum for Contemporary Art or write me by writing me (larsgrevemusic a



My exhibition was reviewed at Danish sound magasine Seimsograf. Comparing my work with James Turrell and naming the sound “wild and untamed”.



Through the last two years I have been working on a research project called “Rooms of Resonance”. It was a part of the European “Artistic Research” program, which The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and the Danish Ministry of Culture appointed me to do.

The final dissemination of the work can experienced through research catalouge here:



Danish newspaper Information are printing a comprehensive portrait of me this week. For 8 months music journalist Ralf Christensen has been following my whereabouts. He named the 6 pages article “on of Denmarks most interesting musicians”. I speak about my life, choices and the zeitgeist we are in – while life and loss surrounds me. It is in Danish, and you can read it here:



“Vår Dag” premieres at Skånes Danseteater 28.11.2021.

“Vår Dag” both means “our day” and equinox in Swedish. This performance is about life in Skåne, a western part of Sweden. Greve found the title and concept for the piece, which was developed together with choreographer Tina Tarpgaard. All sounds and movements were collected in Skåne – all kinds of citizens shared their music, breaths, favorite sounds and brought into a one-hour compositions.

Greve wanted the audience to feel the sound, and there designed sounding benches. You can literally feel the sound of Skåne.

“Vår Dag” will be touring in fourth months in public houses in 2022. Visit Skånes Dansteaters website for more info:



I was invited to do a concert series for the festival Gong Tomorrow. I created a resonating rooms, where walls and ceiling where sounding. In this room, three different act were invited to perform:

_Maurice Louca (EGT) & Lars Greve (DK)

_Jacob Anderskov with Holstebro Music Schools Horn Ensemble

_Søs Gunvor Ryberg




I composed “In The Shadow of Hope” for trombone, guitar, piano, drums and two sound walls.

It was performed by Aarhus Sinfonietta and premiered in an old concert hall in Aarhus, as a part of Aarhus Jazz Festival 2021.

The piece is dedicated to my dear and late friend, Ingvar Cronhammar.




After 10 years I chose to leave the band “Girls in Airports”. We’ve travelled music, the world and life together so the decision is not easy. I am happy to be a part of the release “DIVE”, and even more happy that band will continue.



New dance performance made i collaboration with Resonating Rooms and Recoil Dance Performance Group / Tina Tarpgaard.

HØST [Harvest] is a dance performance and music installation. The audience surrounds the stage, which is a speaker. The earth is litteraly shaking, while the performers are dancing.

HØST will be touring Denmark and Spain trough spring. For more info visit


Else Marie Pade Plads

A square in Aarhus will be named after Else Marie Pade on the 29th of August. Along with the opening, the venue Radar had put together a festival of honouring events. Unfortunately it is cancelled.

My contribution was to make a poster, that both was a graphic piece of music + gave info about the event. It is now hanging around in Aarhus – take a ‘listen’ if you are there.


Vestjyllands Kunstpavilion

On July 11th Vestjyllands Kunstpavilion will be hosting a new version of “solhverv” – a moving audio-visual portrait of the western part of Jutland. The entire project and exhibition is made together with photographer Fryd Frydendahl .

On the opening day people can hear a short solo set by me followed by second set performed by the local accordian-club from Videbæk.



Psychosis in Stockholm

20 years ago, Maria Bäck went on vacation to Stockholm with her mother. It ended with her mother having a mental breakdown – and the 14-year-old Maria wandering around in the capital city alone.

“Psychosis in Stockholm” is Marias feature film debut, which I am proud to be the composer on. The premiere has been postponed due to covid, but is expected to be screened in Swedish theaters from august 28. More info to come…


Live at Danish Music Awards

Girls in Airports performed a new song at Danish Music Awards, which Niels Overgaard from jazznyt called “A demonstration of musical force and power”.



‘Danevirke’ is a collaboration between pianist Jeppe Zeeberg and myself, featuring four amateur big bands from Denmark. The music is out on 10″ vinyl today, released by Centrifuga Records.

The title ‘Danevirke’ draws strings to a battle in 1864 – the had build a (weak) fortress and (strong) believe that we could win against the Germans. The Danes lost the battle.  This historical moment was chosen as the title of music-piece to put focus on current society and the nationalism that springs not only in Denmark, but throughout Europe. The composition can be interpreted as a wordless commentary on the nationalist flourishing of today, which we hope and believe will decay!

The music begins in an optimistic manner. It emulates a people preparing for war, still believing they are going to win. Along the way, chaos arises, and you will experience a musical work that is disintegrating more and more.

Additional to the release, a live version of Danevirke will be performed at the G(((o)))ng Tomorrow Festival in Copenhagen on November 1st 2019. The art museum Copenhagen Contemporary will provide the setting for at musical tour de force when more than 70 musicians from four amateur big bands will gather for the frst time and perform ‘Danevirke’.



Solhverv review

Dagbladet Information has written a great review of Solhverv.

You can read the entire text here, or have sneak peak through these small excerpts:


Med ’Solhverv’ har vi fået et audiovisuelt montageværk og en multimedial hjemstavnsdigtning på højt kunstnerisk niveau. Det kommer fra musikeren Lars Greve og kunstfotografen Fryd Frydendahl, der har portrætteret Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune – og også formår at skærpe modtagerens sanser over for egen hjemstavn”


“Altså samarbejder en højtuddannet pro med amatører om virkelig smukke kompositioner, der får deres helt egen nerve. I meget mere løse og folkeligt mangefarvede fortolkninger, end hvis det havde været professionelle, der havde forløst det stramt og perfektionistisk.

Den første komposition »Sommer« er gennemsyret af virkelighedens lyde. En mand fortæller om sin afsked med Indre Mission, da de gejstlige mente, at det var hans alkoholismes skyld, at hans søn døde. Hertil kommer optagelser af Skt. Hans-bålets knitren, knallertbøller på hovedgaden og folkedans.

Det er en betagende montage, som suger lytteren ind i lokalmiljøet og smider et væld af snapshots fra det vestjyske miljø op på den indre nethinde. De to følgende skæringer er ikke mindre formidable.”


Og i det hele taget fungerer billedsiden, som lydsiden, som en smuk opblødning af grænserne mellem prosa og poesi, vanens blindhed og nærværets skarpsyn, reportage og kunst. Solhverv lægger betydning i det banale og peger på det ekstraordinære potentiale i det normale – hvis bare man lytter eller ser efter.”




Copenhagen Jazz Festival



Composed a 15 minute site-specific composition for four lighthouse, which was a part of Teatret-OM’s theater piece.

The piece has been touring for some weeks already, but there’s still a chance to see it in Lyngvig Fyr in june, by following this link


Rold Skov

Girls in Airports will be releasing three digital singles this spring. Here’s an excerpt of the first named “Rold Skov”.



Bon Iver

Happy to be a part of the three-piece sax-section for european Bon Iver Tour!



Proud to be nominated for a Reumert, 2nd year in a row. Last year it was with the children’s performance “Tre Ben” and this year for being a part of the dance performance “X-mythologies”.


School days

Kresten Osgood and I are taking a break after four years with improvised concerts on public schools. It’s been more than fun – it has also been really meaningful to play concerts and talk about the power of music and improvisation.



Together with photographer Fryd Frydendahl I am making an audio-visuel portrait of Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune. During the next months I will record with Stadil-Vedersø Friskole, Ringkøbing Big Band, Spjald Marimbaorkester, Hovers church organ, the choir in Tarm, Videbæk Harmonikaklub and many many others.

From december 21st to january 21st our work will be displayed at Ringkøbing Rådhus.

I will keep this site posted with more info as the project evolves.



“dødedans” (death dance) is an artwork made exclusively in 66 editions. The album is a co-creation sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar and me. The artwork presents clarinet and saxophone improvisations cut on a transparent vinyl and laid in a three-kilo heavy aluminum cover.


Bon Iver

Proud to be backing Bon Iver for Haven festival in Copenhagen.



Started composing music with Annisette Koppel and Aske Zidore for a new dance performance with Recoil / Tina Tarpgaard.  Good times – more info to come…


Japan tour

Touring Japan with my dear friend Kasper Tranberg. Playing concerts in different constellations with Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, Hiroshi Minami, Takshi Sugawa and many others.


Review in The Wire


Tre Ben

Just premiered Tre Ben, a dance performance for kids from 1,5 years and older…

I composed and recorded the music for piece, which will be touring in Europe on/off during the next years.

Click here for a Danish review or Aaben Dans for tour info.


Kickstarted a new project with my childhood friend and photographer Fryd Frydendahl.

This will be the first step in a larger project we will be doing in collaboration with Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune; the council where we grew up. The basic idea is to do a portrait of the whole council by making each citizen cocreational in a larger project called “Solhverv” (Solstice). The overall idea is to invite all people to contribute to “Solhverv” in different meetings with Fryd and I, and in the end produce a uniting and so far unseen piece of art.

This music movie “Sort Hav” is a pilot project for “Solhverv”. It is made out of field-recordings made on a 13 hour Schooner-trip arranged by the council,  while sailing from Copenhagen and Allinge on our way to “Folkemødet” on Bornholm.

“Sort Hav”  was published in Ringkøbing Skjern Dagblad (local newspaper) on Summer Solstice.  You can read the interview here (in Danish).



Just finished recording my next solo album, which will consist of field recordings made in different rooms in Copenhagen.







Happy to be playing on guitarist player Lars Bech Pilgaard new album “Som Før”.

The record was released on 100 green vinyls today. Check it out!



Solo + trio performance

Here is a recording the Danish Radios Concert hall the 19th of March. The Jazz radio hosted an evening featuring some of their favorite jazz musicians, where I was very honored to be included.

The music is improvised, but can be divided into three parts: The first is a solo clarinet, which is dedicated to my first musical mentor; Bo Felix Johansen. This is followed by a duo with trumpet-virtuoso Mads La Cour, who I also play with in his quartet “Almugi”. Then the Danish poet Peter Laugsesen joins; this is our very first meeting and I was very moved by poems and timing.

You can here the music here, where I highly recommend using headphones.





Had the honor of being artist in resident at my first music school in Holstebro with Gert Sørensen (principal timpani at Danish National Symphony Orchestra) last week.
Right now we are mixing the recordings we made of small kids, pre-conservatory students and everything in between playing the “Aquarellen über das Meer”. Back in 1968 these 21 paintings were translated into graphic musicscores by the amazing Else Marie Pade in the most beautiful way. Watching, hearing and recording these young musicians making each their version is sooo inspiring!


Audio Rebel

My guard while recording at the Audio Rebel with Eduardo Manso, Felipe Zenicola and Thomas Harres.


Residency in Brazil

Looking forward to go to Brazil in October for three weeks!

In the first week I will be playing concerts in Sao Paulo with Aske Zidore here:

29.09 – 1 pm  Praça da Patriarca
30.09 – 8pm  Martenelli Building
02.10 – 9pm   Estudiofitacrepe

The residency has been arranged in collaboration with The Danish Arts Foundation, SESI and The Danish Culture Institute in Brazil.



New video featuring Sven-Åke Johansson, August Rosenbaum and I made by Unseen Recordings.






Solo at Roter Salon , Berlin


Mads Forsby and Lars Greve

27.04 :: Christianshavns Beboerhus

28.03 :: Copenhagen Jazzhouse


Breidablik sum up of 2014


Best on All About Jazz

Happy to see Breidablik on the top 10 releases of 2014, and an honorable mention in Information as one of the overall best albums of 2014.






New video – listen, look and read below video.


DMA 2022

My vinyl “En verden, der melder sig” has been nominated a Danish Music Award


My latest work “UNDERTIDEN” [Sometimes] will be a part of Ingvar Cronhammars next exhibition af Herning Museum for Contemporary Art. Running from 08.10.2022 – 18.08.2023.

For more info visit



These days I am composing music for documentarist Peter Hammers coming film “Revir”. The sound design is comprehensive, as I am transforming the physical scenography into a speaker. Trees, grass, walls, stones and humans are sounding!

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival premiered it for best work-in-progress-documentary. The film will premiere in spring 2023.



The weekend, Resonating Rooms will be hosting a festival in the former halls of the slaugtherhouse in Holstebro.

The old blood tubs will be transformed into sounding wells that amplifies the music from four performances. Fragments from all of these will be in the tubs, as a sounding memory. An uncontrollable interplay between the very diverse performers will arise.  The concerts are

June 16th 20:00 Lars Greve solo
June 17th 12:00 The choir from Holstebro’s Industry and Craftsmen’s Association
June 17th 20:00 MGK (Music Talent School)
June 18th 12:00 Ensemble MidtVest (professional classical ensemble)

During the concerts the audience can move around to feel, hear and see the music unfold.




New exhibition at kv_leipzig located in the heart of Leipzig.

I performed tree times; at sunrise, sun noon and sunset. The music was amplified through the windows – and the concerts could be heard at the exact same time the following 7 days. A way to access time – “Zugang Zur Zeit”.



Just moved to Holstebro from Copenhagen with my family. Excited to see what future holds for us.



Proud to be nominated for best film score for the Swedish Guldbaggen





New audio-visual work.

Clarinet improvisation, amplified by sounding pontons and recorded under and above water.

Sounds crazy? Yes – go look:-)



Proud to be a part of the record “Tifold” released by Aar&Dag which is nominated in three categories for three Danish Music Awards. The show will be held on the 6th of december.



New work for GRASP-festival – Roskilde Festivals new event for social and ecological sustainability.

Pilgrim is a sounding sculpture. It will be ignited with my improvised concerts as the festival opens, mid-point and ending. The concerts will loop and be embedded into the sculpture, which will sound night and day. Inviting the audience to listen, feel and move with sound – as a Pilgrim.



BLUNDER – ny udgivelse fra selskabet “Aar&Dag” med Mads Forsby, Kristian Poulsen og jeg.



Most of my whereabouts will be made on a new platform, which I named Resonating Rooms / Resonerende Rum.  This site will be (even more) quite from now – so please visit for more.




Copenhagen Contemporary will be presenting my next solo exhibition the next weeks.

14 solo improvisation in a room, where the walls are ignited with the music.

Visit for more info



I have been appointed to start a special ensemble by the Danish Art Foundation. It is a great honor as it is the first time a soloist and non-classical musician has received this support. Over the next three years, I have thus received support to realize my vision of developing and realizing innovative and people-pertinent music. Stay tuned to for more info.



Working on new formats in this corona-era. This is a underwater picture from a recording in a swimming hall – sounds, moving pictures and info to come…


Jazz Festival 2020

Only a few things happening this july:

06: Solo at Koncertkirken – Copenhagen

06: Kaja Draksler Quartet  – Copenhagen

12: Solo at The Community  – Aarhus


Solhverv video

You can now see and listen to “Solhverv” in its entirety on Passive/Agressives website by clicking here.


Live review of Danevirke

Danevirke was premiered at Copenhagen Contemporary for the opening of “Gong Tomorrow Festival”.

Information, Kristeligt Dagblad and Politiken all made great reviews, and gave us 5 out of 6 stars.Here are a few quotes:

Åbningen af årets Gong Tomorrow-festival foregår i Københavns urbane udkant. I den store sal i Copenhagen Contemporarys nye residens på Refshaleøen er der højt til loftet, og langs væggene løber flere lag af grandiose ventilationsrør. Publikum anvises en plads på gulvet, og her sidder vi så og føler os små, fordi vi er omringet af et abnormt antal saxofoner, trompeter og tromboner i forskellige nuancer af sølv og messing.

Kristeligt Dagblad (af Sune Anderberg):
Den nuværende regering har ambitioner om at opprioritere befolkningens praktiske musikudøvelse, og ” Danevirke” er et slående eksempel på, at dette ikke nødvendigvis står i kontrast til ambitiøse kunstneriske visioner. Et værk, der så tydeligt arbejder med autoritetskritik, taber ikke i værdi, blot fordi musikerne rammer lidt ved siden af eller udviser volumenmæssig ustabilitet. Tværtimod bliver amatørismen en forstærkning af det æstetiske indhold.

Politiken (af Henrik Friis):
Greve & Zeebergs værk fungerede overraskende godt. Den sprøde klang af messingblæsere i let slingrende forening skabte et virtuelt rum med fire vægge – en for hvert bigband – der lagde sig rundt om os som stemmer fra hver sin verden. Til at begynde med i form af glad og optimistisk jazz, men lidt efter lidt mere og mere kaotisk, indtil verden faldt fuldstædig fra hinanden i orgier af messingklang. Fra midten fik vi de to professionelle og deres poetiske udskejelser, der på samme måde byggede op fra stille kerner til voldsomme kulminationer.
De smeltede smukt sammen, amatørerne og de professionelle, i en meget menneskelig musik med alle de fejl og skævheder, den slags nu engang har.


Danish Music Awards

Proud to be nominated as “Danish jazz composer of the year” for Danish Music Awards for “Solhverv”.





Farum Big BandBig Band RibeNight Train BigbandSvendborg Gymnasiums bigbandJeppe Zeeberg and I will be opening Gong Tomorrow at Copenhagen Contemporary November 1st.
The music is called “Danevirke” and is about nationalism. I think it will be somewhere in between wayward, chaotic and beautiful…It will definitely be the only live performance – ever😅!
We will also celebrate the new 10″ vinyl record “Danevirke”, released by Pladeselskabet Centrifuga supported by JazzDanmarkDJBFA / Komponister og Sangskrivere and Statens Kunstfond.

Our concert will be followed by the mind blowing chamber ensemble Quatuor Diotima.

A night to remember!


5 stars in Politiken

Girls in Airports has been playing together for almost ten years, and this year we got the honour to open Copenhagen Jazz Festival + a sold out concert at Alice.

Politiken was at the opening in Kings Garden and gave us this 5-star review – thanks!



I am beyond proud to announce that “solhverv” – an audio-visual portrait of Denmark largest and most deserted municipality is out!

It is made with my childhood friend and photographer “Fryd Frydendahl”. The portrait was made during the period from summer to winter-solstice (solhverv in Danish), from the lightest to the darkest day of the year.

A big part of this project was to meet and involve people living in Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune. So side A on the vinyl is a collage-like composition where you hear local ensembles such as Videbæk Harmonikaklub, Ringkøbing Big Band, Stok og Steen Koret, Vedersø Friskoles Guitar-ensemble and many many other. On Side-B I am playing the same three tracks as you hear on SIDE A, but this time it is only me playing together in a church, the moor and in a lighthouse.

Fryd has also collaborated with locals on the visual side, as well as adding her own portraits. You need to see it! I am a huge admire of her, and it has been rewarding on many levels to make this project together.

“solhverv” is only available in physical version. The book is released on Roulette Russe Publishing. You can see + buy it here:



Extended Falls

Composing, recording and mixing music with Mads Forsby, for Recoil Performance Group / Tina Tarpgaards next piece.

It is a choreographed performance that engages the citizen and takes place at several of the country’s local town halls. The performance puts the citizen in focus and tells the story of the things that divide us into boxes and the things that join us together as people.



Else Marie Pade was a musical pioneer, who was among the very first to work with electronic music in Denmark. Her life and works is unbelievable and has been a huge source of inspiration to me. I had the honor to talk with her before she passed away in 2016. In one of our meetings she asked me to do an interpretation of my favorite piece; “Faust”. She was significantly proud of this score, because as she said: “It balances perfect between being a graphic composition and a painting”.

I tried to record it many times on saxophone, but always felt the actual sound was a deduction of the written composition – I heard a richer music looking at the score. So after many years of trying and thinking I decided to release it as public post card through “go-card”, who distributes free post cards all over Denmark. Back in the days composers would send each other scores to exchange inspiration – this release was my attempt to do the same.



Lysets Engel

“Lysets Engel” is a new piece written for eight church organs premiering in Høsterkøb Kirke april 22nd.  You can hear it every half hour, everyday from 18 in the evening until 08 in the morning until may 22nd. It will play from two speakers located inside the organ, which makes it sound like the organs is playing.

Høsterkøb Kirke is located 15 km north of Copenhagen. The acoustics, the light and whole atmosphere is amazing and hard to describe. Painter Alexander Tovborg made this work, that gives a great impression.

Here are two articles written in Danish by Kristeligt Dagblad and Frederiksborg Amts Avis.




Preparing for the exhibition of Solhverv in Ringkøbing Rådhus on solstice december 21st. There will be videos, photos printed on foil and pasted on the grand windows, sound installations and photo portraits.

There will be to two official openings, on at sunrise (09.00) and the next at sunset (15)

Here is a link to one the music pieces. It’s called “efterår”, and is a portrait of the fall in Vestjylland. The musicians playing are Stadil-Vedersø Friskole on guitars, Fjordvang Efterskole playing noiserock, Ringkøbing Big Band and field recordings send in by students from Ringkøbing Gymnasium.





28th of november the dance piece “X-Mythologies” will premiere on Aveny-Theater in Copenhagen.

It is made by choegrapher Tina Tarpgaard (Recoil) together with Black Box Dance Theater.

The music is made by Aske Zidore and I, and features Annisette Koppel on voice.

Here is a teaser here (click)



“dødedans” can now be bought on presale. Please contact cronhammargreve(at) or click here for more info.


Cph Jazz Festival

Playing solo concerts and collaborations with Girls in Airports, Peter Friis-Nielsen, Torben Snekkestad, Simon Toldam, Jonas Westergaard, Ole Mofjell, Natalie Sandtorv, Dan Peter Sundland, Liz Kosack, Wolter Wiebos, Eric Boeren and many many other. Check the entire program at


Girls in Airports – Live album

just returned from Germany, where we recorded our next album. It will be a live album with old and new tunes.  Thanks to Resonanzraum, Ostpol and Berghain for great concerts. Click here for more info


VinterJazz 2017


Evig Rende

During the last week I have been making a sonic portrait of the city of Aalborg together with Aske Zidore.

We have made field recording by inlets, distillery plant, road tunnels, cement plant, sub-marine, soccer stadium as well as making recordings with kindergarten kids,  school choir, copacetic-choir, classical orchestra of retired musicians, local impro-musicians etc.

It ended up with a improvised concert at Huset i Hasserisgade with local features. In the weeks to come Aske and I will make an audio-work out all the recordings. This page will keep you posted about when and how it will premiere.


Live at Audio Rebel

New tape out on Insula Jazz and Hiatus.



Jazz Festival


3 to midnight

Proud to be the composer for the theater piece “3 to midnight” by Teatret OM.

The piece is inspired by the “Doomsday Clock” – a picture of how close we are to the end of the world. It was introduced by scientists and Nobel laureates in Chicago in 1947, and in 2015 has been brought forward to three minutes to twelve.

This is the piece excerpt of the song for the two sisters, who in piece are illustrating time through dance.



Performing at Glyptotekets Winter Garden at the event called “SLOW” tonight. The theme of the evening is “longing”.

Come by a enjoy an evening with many other great artist features.




Ensemble Midt-Vest + Greve + Dahl

New collaboration between the classical Ensemble Midt-Vest, pianist Carsten Dahl and I.

Recordings are just finished for a new album, consisting of improvisations and a new graphic score I made.

Can’t wait to mix, master and share it with you.



3 to midnight

For the last months I have been composing music for a dance theater piece “3 to midnight” for Teatret OM.

The piece is inspired by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The scientists behind it uses the clock as a symbolic way to measure  the countdown to armageddon. In 2015 the they placed the clock at 3 till midnight, which is the closest we have been in many years.

So this is a piece is about time, and  will premiere in may 2016 where I will be uploading a bite of the music.


Artist in Residence

Writing new music in Rio for Ensemble Midt Vest and Carsten Dahl.



Sound check at the Martinelli building in SP.


New Album

Girls in Airports just dropped a new album ‘Fables’.



This is an excerpt of my solo album “Breidablik”, consisting of site-specific saxophone and clarinet improvisations recorded in my homeland. Like Breidablik, these images were captured in the western part of Denmark, rediscovering a vast landscape of lit dunes and moor on the shortest night of the year.

A billion thanks to the guys behind this film, hours and hours of dedicated work is behind this film, so please check the credits after the movie or under the screening.

The film was shot in a very high resolution, and should actually be watched with two HD-projectors combined on a BIG screen. We hope that will happen, and will invite you all if it does.

Picture wise, Youtube is not as good as Vimeo. So if you have a big screen, please visit



working on new sounds for future solo concerts.




Preview from new Breidablik video



Picture from Hiatus label night at Jazzhouse


Sven-Åke Johansson :: drums

August Rosenbaum :: piano

Lars Greve :: reeds


Solo concert in Greenland

The 04.01.2015 I performed a site specific solo concert at Katuaq in Nuuk. It was a great to spend New Years Eve in Greenland, where I had the chance to dive into some of Greenlands many amazing traditional tunes.

One of them is their adaption of the funeral song “Nearer My God To Thee” named “Guutiga, illimmi qallilgit” on Greenlandish. Here is a short improvisation over the theme on double clarinet.



Best Danish jazz album

Breidablik has been selected as one of the top ten releases in 2014 by Jazznyt.

The record is has also just been given a great review by Berlingske Tidende.