Lars Greve


“dødedans” (death dance) is an artwork made exclusively in 66 editions. The album is a co-creation by musician Lars Greve and sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar. The artwork presents clarinet and saxophone improvisations cut on a transparent vinyl and laid in a three-kilo heavy aluminum cover.

The music is unedited solo improvisations, recorded in three rooms with very different acoustics; in a small, soundproofed studio, in an old tile covered public bath on Nørrebro, Copenhagen, and in Cisternerne. Copenhagen’s old subterranean water reservoir, with a 19 second echo. On “dødedans” the sound is neither manipulated nor layered in the mix. The listener only hears the sound captured by six microphones.

Cronhammar designed the cover; two stapled aluminium plates with the vinyl’s diameter milled down on all sides. On the outside there are holes in three depths, and in each of the eight corners of the plates a letter is ingraved constituting the title “dødedans”. Inside, in addition to the vinyl, the artist’s monograms and the publishing’s numbering are engraved.

The music and the cover together represent “dødedans”. Therefore the music is not available online or on other media.


Release date:    September 20th, 2017
Price:           700 Euros / 5000 Danish Kroner
Music:           Lars Greve (clarinet, double clarinet, bass                          clarinet, tenor saxophone, baryton saxophone)
Cover:           Ingvar Cronhammar
Mix:             Andreas Pallisgaard
Mastering:       Lupo
Pictures:        Lærke Posselt
Gallery:         Nils Stærk



Breidablik is made out of improvised pieces recorded on the Danish western countryside, where I grew up. All sounds are made with saxophones and clarinets, but often done with unconventional playing or micing. This involves experimenting with sound and the environment including the beach, inlet, resonances in a huge church bell, directional clarinet improvisations with one microphone on the ground while coming down a 25 meter tall elevator inside a windmill and a nocturnal solo in 5.1. surround from inside a forest with birds singing along.

The cover is designed by photographer Fryd Frydendahl.  I hand pressed each record which gives a unique look and touch.

Breidablik can be purchased as vinyl or CD . For a preview please click here to see a video shot in the dunes where the recording also was made.