Lars Greve

Girls in Airports

Girls in Airports was formed in 2009 in Copenhagen, and released our fourth album in late 2015. Our music is mix of everything and therefore hard to describe. We are inspired by folklore music from especially asia and scandinavia, combined with jazz, electronic music, rock, modern classical…see; it’s close to impossible to narrow down with words, so take a listen:-).

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“Like a wild forest, the music reflects life in all its colorful variety while still having a firm sense of unity. In spite of all the influences, this isn’t a postmodern patchwork of genres, but rather a timeless snapshot of natural beauty”.                    – Jakob Bækgaard, All About Jazz

“The band had a breathlessness and natural instinct that makes a refreshing change from the earnest approach of some bands"        – Jazzwise UK

All Romantic

Since the beginning of 2012 Lars and pianist August Rosenbaum have been collaborating with the Swedish drummer and sound artist, Sven-Åke Johansson (b. 1943). A pioneer within the European avant-garde, Johansson is widely known for his compositions as well as collaborations with Peter Brötzmann, Alexander Von Slippenbach, Per Henrik Wallin, Kraftwerk and many others.

Johansson, Greve, Rosenbaums collaborative album debut ‘All Romantic’ was released on Hiatus 2013.

"So significant!"                                                  - 

"These improvisations blossom out of the very barest of musical ingredients. A soulful balladic intent, a desire to create sombre, yearning songs where each sounds is defined and supported by the silence that sorrounds it."                                The Wire

"Vibrates with the unstated and understated".                      - All About Jazz


Peter Friis Nielsen Kalas

One of Denmarks finest improvisers of all time, bassist Peter Friis Nielsen, together with Lars Greve and Håkon Berre from the next generation of Scandinavian improvisers.

Peter Friis Nielsen has been a key figure in Danish avant-garde music since the late 60′s, and has appeared on countless recordings and tours with a numerous amount of ​​improvising musicians such as Peter Brötzmann, Mats Gustafsson, Allan Silva, Don Cherry and Evan Parker.

In this project Friis Nielsen has for the first time collaborated with two musicians of the younger generation to form a band in his own name. Peter Friis Nielsen explains that this band stands out because of each members ability to let go and contribute to the music as a unity.




The album was recorded live at Christianshavns Beboerhus during Copenhagen Jazzfestival, and released on Barefoot Records in december 2013.

Peter Friis Nielsen and Lars Greve did an interview for the Danish Radio in January, to listen go  here. The interview starts after an hour.

"Kalas may be challenging music. But it is also beautiful music with a forceful and strong presence in the moment."                     - Jazznyt