Lars Greve


Breidablik is my solo album, and was released in july 2014 on Hiatus, a DIY-label  for exploratory music driven by Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, August Rosenbaum and I.

Breidablik is made out of improvised pieces recorded on the Danish western countryside, where I grew up. All sounds are made with saxophones and clarinets, but often done with unconventional playing or micing.

With Breidablik I wanted to do improvisations with a producer (Aske Zidore), so the recording itself became a direct product of improvisation. This involves experimenting with sound and the environment including the beach, inlet, resonances in a huge church bell, directional clarinet improvisations with one microphone on the ground while coming down a 25 meter tall elevator inside a windmill and a nocturnal solo in 5.1. surround from inside a forest with birds singing along.

The master was made by Lupo in Berlin, and is made with a loop so the music never ends. On the bottom of my facebooksite you can see a short video of the vinyl was cut.

The cover is designed by photographer Fryd Frydendahl, and later I hand pressed each record so each one has a unique look and touch.

Breidablik is a limited release and can be purchased as vinyl or CD through Hiatus and PayPal.